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Upcoming Events


April 25th 6-8pm

100 Ties

April 28th 7-10pm

Mother Son Dance


Mothers, grandmothers and sons of all ages are gearing up to walk the red carpet for an great evening. They will enjoy music from a live DJ, laughter, games and memories! The event will provide a rare opportunity for mothers and sons to participate in something just for them. This event specifically is so important because there are so many father-and-daughter events out there, but little for a mother and son.  This is going to be such a fun night for them to get out with just us and play and make memories. We are really looking forward to it.

We will provide dinner, a cape for the boys and a special gift for the moms. We will also have a photo booth and lots of games for them to play. The attire is semi-formal, but we encourage everyone to dress up as much as they want.

A contest will be held for the best-dressed couple.

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